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Immersed in the rich natural sceneries of the Metaponto area, 4 kilometers away from the beautiful beaches of the Ionic coastline, “Il Filaro del Castello di San Basilio” is a country side resort born from the recovering of an ancient rural village. This was a settlement which emerged at the beginning of the nineteenth century to house the farmers who cultivated the lands surrounding the Castle of San Basilio. The work of recovery of the ancient village has proceeded to create spacious suites which seamlessly blend a strong historical identity and modern comfort.
A Splendid oasis of thriving plantations, the castle was built as a fortified farm around the seventh century AD by the Basilian monastic community. It then became a Norman fief, growingly acquiring the characteristics of a castle with the construction of the central square tower. The Norman landlords then donated it to the Benedictine community of the abbacy of Santa Maria del Casale di Pisticci.
In the fourteenth century, the castle's ownership was given to the Certosa di Padula and in 1830 to the Marquis Ferrante di Ruffano. Finally, it is now owned by the Berlingieri family and it is home to an important contemporary art collection. The imposing building develops around the central courtyard on which the castles component parts look upon, such as the refectory, the kitchen, the dormitory, the archive, the library, the eighteenth-century chapel and the chapter room.

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