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Pisticci and surroundings: a territory to be discovered ...  let us organize your excursions with our expert and professional guides throughout the Basilicata region and Puglia.                                           

Surrounded by a lunar landscape, Pisticci is the "white city" with white houses with red roofs all lined up in long lines that constitute the urban rarity of the suggestive Dirupo district, included in the list of the "100 Wonders of Italy to be safeguarded". Among the major places of interest we find:


The main place of worship in the municipality of Pisticci (MT) is the mother church dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul. The current religious monument, whose construction was completed in 1542, stands on the remains of an ancient church of 1212, the bell tower and part of the cornice of the latter are still preserved. The structure, in Romanesque-Renaissance style, has three naves with a Latin cross plan.


The new district significantly took the name of Dirupo, in memory of the landslide.

Foto Castello San Basilio 20150519_19120

The Castle of San Basilio and its millenary history!

The castle of San Basilio was built as a fortified farm around the seventh century by the monastic community of the Basilians. The imposing building develops around the central courtyard, overlooked by the main buildings, housing the refectory, the kitchen, the dormitory, the archive, the library, the 17th century church and the chapter house.
The complex is dominated by the large square tower of King Roger, who had it built, which dates back to the first half of the 11th century and from the top of which the gaze sweeps over an immense territory including the entire arc of the Gulf of Taranto.

We will let you discover the charm of this ancient 11th century fortified monastery, the ideal place for those who want to organize an important event, such as a wedding or an anniversary.
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The Antica Pesa Restaurant of the San Basilio Castle, adjacent to the Il Filaro farmhouse, is open to the public every day ... It wants to offer a modern and refined cuisine, inspired by the typical flavors of Apulian and Lucanian cuisine, while maintaining a excellent value for money.
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